Spain: Conservatives Fail to Secure Majority Even with Far-Right Support

Spain: Conservatives Fall Short of Majority with Far-Right Backing

In the early general elections in Spain, the center-right People's Party (PP) could not achieve the expected vote rate, and it had difficulty in forming a majority government with the far-right Vox. President Sanchez's party, PSOE, achieved higher success than expected
Voters in Spain went to the polls to vote in the early general elections held to determine the 15th term deputies and senators. Exit polls showed that the People's Party would receive 34.2 percent of the votes in the Spanish elections and would be close to a majority along with the far-right Vox party, but according to unofficial results, neither party's votes were sufficient to form a majority government.

 You can follow the election results and the developments in the country on our live blog, where the possibility of the far right being in power was discussed for the first time since the overthrow of the 40-year-old dictatorship of Francisco Franco. Conservative People's Party (PP) leader and prime minister candidate Alberto Nunez Feijoo celebrated his party's success by addressing his supporters from the balcony of the PP headquarters in Madrid after the elections.
source: euronews

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