Attack on Aziz Yeniay

The target in the attack in Küçükçekmece has been revealed to be Aziz Yeniay

During the election campaign in Kanarya Mahallesi, a district of Küçükçekmece, the number of arrests related to the armed attack that occurred while AK Party's Küçükçekmece Municipality Mayor Candidate Aziz Yeniay was conducting his election campaign has risen to 25. Three juvenile suspects involved in the crime have been arrested. Out of the 22 suspects whose statements were taken by the prosecutor, 13 have been arrested, 4 have been referred to the duty magistrate for the application of judicial control measures, and 5 have been released. Additionally, according to information obtained from judicial sources, it has been evaluated that the attack was an assassination attempt on Aziz Yeniay, the AK Party's Küçükçekmece Municipality Mayor Candidate. In the latest update, it has been reported that Aziz Yeniay, the candidate, went to Küçükçekmece Courthouse to give a statement and filed a complaint against the suspects.

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