Israel Gaza: Community frozen as Hamas atrocities continue to emerge

They are still finding bodies in the neighbourhoods near Gaza.
Hamas Atrocities
Hamas Atrocities

Warning: Some readers may find details in this article distressing.

Recovery teams on Wednesday pulled a woman's body from the rubble in Kibbutz Be'eri. She was naked, her feet bound with metal wire.

One of the team said the bodies of more than 20 children had been found nearby, tied together and burned.

Even experienced workers are struggling: deaths like this are enough to break the living.

In Nir Oz, a line of ambulances and black vans processed slowly past the fence as we entered the kibbutz. This is now a place of stillness, the community frozen in the chaos of the attack.

Cats provide the only movement - sliding between bright toys strewn across gardens, the collapsed rooves, the charred gaping skeletons of people's homes.

Overhead, loud explosions regularly fill the silence. Gaza is only three miles away.

Hamas gunmen attacked early in Nir Oz. Survivors say one in four people are dead or missing, including a British man, Danny Darlington.

He was born and raised in Manchester, before recently moving to Germany, and had been visiting family in the kibbutz.

A neighbour identified Danny's body on the morning after the attack, but the family are still waiting for official confirmation that he is dead.
source: bbc

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